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Week of January 28, 2019
D is the Roman numeral for 500.
Why is that relevant?
Because this marks our 500th Fact of the Week!

Week of January 21, 2019
The average kid eats 15 pounds of cereal a year.

Week of January 14, 2019
The clock on the hundred dollar bill says it's 4:10.
(Bonus fact!): A dollar bill can be folded in the same spot about 4,000 times before it tears.

Week of January 7, 2019
Mohr's Explorers turns 15-years-old on January 7!

Week of December 17, 2018
The first candy canes were made without stripes.
Winter lasts for 21 years on Uranus.
A snowflake can take up to two hours to fall from a cloud to the ground.

See you in 2019 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Week of December 10, 2018
Coffee beans are actually seeds and sunflower seeds are actually fruits.

Week of December 3, 2018
The original animated special, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," aired in 1966. In the original storybook, the Grinch was black and white with pink eyes. The decision to make him green was made by animator and director Chuck Jones when he created the 1966 film. The current movie remake is titled "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch."

Week of November 26, 2018
The OHIO STATE BUCKEYES, once again, defeated the michigan wolverines 62-39 on Saturday, making it 14 wins in the last 15 meetings (and 16 of the last 18) in this storied rivalry. The 62 points was the most the Buckeyes have ever scored in the 121-year history of "The Game," as Head Coach Urban Meyer improved to 7-0 vs. that team up north. It was also the most points allowed by a michigan team in a regulation game in its entire history.

Week of November 19, 2018
Iouea, which are Cretaceous fossil sponges, is the shortest English word that contains all five principal vowels (excluding y). Caesious is the shortest English word containing all five principal vowels in alphabetical order and it means having a waxy, bluish-grey coating.

Week of November 12, 2018
Bison are born orange -- our favorite color!

Week of November 5, 2018
Leaves change color due to the process of photosynthesis. During the growing season, a chemical called chlorophyll, which absorbs light energy, is responsible for capturing sunlight to turn carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and sugar. In the fall, as temperatures cool and days grow shorter, chlorophyll naturally breaks down, the green color disappears from the leaf surface and colors such as yellow and orange, which until now have been masked by the green, start to become visible. However, some trees, like maples and sweet gums, start making brand new pigments of their own as their chlorophyll breaks down, producing brilliant shades of red, scarlet and purple.!

Week of October 29, 2018
Trees are the longest living organisms on Earth and never die of old age, they drink about 2,000 liters of water each year, a single tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year and can sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old, all the while producing breathable air for us!

Week of October 22, 2018
Hippos make their own sunscreen. Their skin oozes hipposudoric acid, a sticky, red slime that blocks the sun's ultraviolet (burning) rays.

Week of October 15, 2018
Alligators balance twigs on their noses to lure birds looking for nest-building materials.

Week of October 8, 2018
The New York Yankees and the boston red sox continue their playoff series tonight in the Bronx. boston holds an 11-10 edge in games played this season. This is just the 4th time they have met in the playoffs and the 1st in 14 years. No team in baseball scored more than these two teams this season and it wasn't even close. The Bombers hit 59 more home runs than the sox did, but boston scored 25 more runs.

Week of October 1, 2018
That tiny pocket on your blue jeans is for your pocket watch. Well, maybe not yours, but the cowboys who made blue jeans famous in the 1800s were grateful for it. Typically, watches were carried on chains and worn in waistcoats, but hard field labor made that a lot less practical. Outdoors, the "watch pocket" on any pair of jeans did just the trick, even after watches moved to the wrist. "This extra pouch has served many functions, evident in its many titles," the Levi Strauss website reminds us. "Frontier pocket, coin pocket, match pocket and ticket pocket, to name a few."

Week of September 24, 2018
The ridges on the letters F and J on your keyboard help people remember where to align their index fingers while typing on "QWERTY" keyboards. Knowing where to place your index fingers will give you a natural place for your other fingers, help you type faster and make it easier for you to feel your way around the keyboard without constantly looking down.

Week of September 17, 2018
The color of the tag on your store-bought bread tells grocers what day of the week the bread was shipped. Bread is usually delivered fresh to stores five days a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday and each day has its own colored tag or twist tie. Though some companies use their own system, this common code is easy to remember...just as the days of the week proceed in order from Monday to Saturday, their corresponding colors proceed in alphabetical order: Blue, Green, Red, White & Yellow.

Week of September 10, 2018
(Welcome back! We hope your summer was ridiculously fun!!!)
According to pizza guru Scott Wiener, pizza will not burn your mouth once it has cooled below 170-175 degrees.

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