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Week of November 25, 2019
Only male turkeys gobble. Happy Thanksgiving!

Week of November 18, 2019
At the state's widest point, the distance across Texas is greater than the distance between New York City and Chicago.

Week of November 11, 2019
Corn, avocados, cucumbers, peas, beans and peppers are fruits, not vegetables.
(Bonus Fact!): There is a variety of carrot beginning with every letter of the alphabet except X.

Week of November 4, 2019
Grammar check: The correct term is actually daylight "saving" (not savings) time. The incorrect term "daylight savings time" is commonly used, especially in Australia, Canada and the United States. It's also supposed to be lowercase, not uppercase, according to "The Associated Press Stylebook".

Week of October 28, 2019
The candy corn made each year could circle the Earth just over 4 times.

Week of October 21, 2019
All of the DNA in a human body could fit inside one ice cube. However, the length of a single human DNA molecule, when extended, is 5'5".

Week of October 14, 2019
It's a good thing you are a Mohr's Explorer! On average, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors.

Week of October 7, 2019
The average person in the United States drinks about 470 cans of soda in a year. That's about 375 pounds of soda in 365 days.

Week of September 30, 2019
1 in 10 passwords used on the Internet is either "Password," "123456," or "12345678."

Week of September 23, 2019
Today is the first day of Fall! Fall isn't caused by the Earth's distance from the sun. Fall, like all of the seasons, is caused by the Earth's tilt in relation to the sun. It gets warmer in each hemisphere when that hemisphere tilts toward the sun and colder when it leans away.

Week of September 16, 2019
"The Star-Spangled Banner" did not become the U.S. national anthem until 1931.

Week of September 9, 2019
(Welcome back! We hope you had a fantastic summer!!!)
The most common eye colors: brown, then blue, then hazel. Green eyes are relatively rare: only about 2 percent of people have them.
(Bonus fact!): 90% of people have a dominant right hand and about 9% prefer their left. Less than 1% of all humans are truly ambidextrous.

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