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Mohr's Explorers is an outdoor program, so it is important to always be prepared for any type of weather. Before heading out for the day, check the daily forecast and make sure to pack the appropriate clothes.

If it is lightly raining, we still go outside, so all Explorers are expected to pack a rain jacket. Umbrellas are not recommended; rain jackets keep your hands free! If it is pouring, we may try to go to a nearby museum for a nature-oriented scavenger hunt or to an available facility at your school. But please never assume that we will be indoors and always prepare for the weather accordingly.

On warmer days, shorts, t-shirts, etc. are fine. Grass and dirt stains are the norm, so it is suggested to wear suitable clothing. Sneakers or hiking shoes are best. Dress shoes or open-toed shoes (like flip flops or Teva's) are not great for this program. We are on foot a lot, hiking through the woods and on all different types of surfaces - the wrong shoes can cause mishaps in the field and ruin their day.

If your child is without proper clothing for the day's weather, he/she may not be allowed to participate. Examples are short socks and sneakers when there are several inches of snow, shorts or t-shirts in frigid temperatures, etc. (yes, it has all happened before!) In the winter, or anytime the weather dips below 45°, your child will need to be prepared with the following:

  • Winter coat: This may seem obvious, but a nice, warm coat is essential.
  • Winter hat: One that covers the ears.
  • Waterproof gloves for snow: The thin, cotton/wool/knit/fleece-type gloves are fine in regular cold weather, but hands and fingers get extremely cold once they become wet with snow, which can equal a very bad day.
  • Winter boots (required in snow): One of the benefits of being an Explorer is that even though the snow has melted from the city streets, it can stay in the park for weeks. If you're not sure, always pack boots in the winter (waterproof are best). They are good for warmth and even if there isn't much snow left, it will likely be muddy. Low-cut boots are not recommended - snow will seep in. If the snow is ankle-height or more, anyone in footies or short socks and sneakers will not be allowed to attend. Wet feet plus cold weather can also equal a miserable afternoon.
  • Layers of clothing: Snow pants, a sweatshirt or fleece under the coat, long johns, Under Armour, extra shirts, extra pants over tights/leggings and two pairs of socks (strongly recommended; especially if you do not have proper snow boots).
  • Scarf: Not only will it keep your child warm, it will also help keep snow out of his/her shirt.

"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. When you have fun, you can do amazing things."