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Thank you to all who were a part of our 2018 camp -- we had a blast!

Expect more exciting
EDucational Adventures next summer, but in the meantime, we left last year's activities up to give an idea of how the camp works. Specific activities for the summer of 2019 will be updated prior to next spring.

We are extremely excited to offer our 12th Mohr's Explorers EDventure Camp! This summer day camp, which will run June 18-July 13, is an exceptional opportunity for your child - we will set out on a different "EDventure" each day, exploring many of the city's other boroughs along the way, including some unique locations off the beaten path. Central Park is the backdrop for some of the afternoons, where we try to explore areas of the park we cannot normally reach during after-school time.


As things start to take shape throughout the spring, a few more bigger activities may be added, some with dates, where applicable. But please remember...this is EDventure Camp! If every single day is specifically planned out, it ceases to be an EDventure. (The tentative days of each activity will be announced by e-mail to all participants later.)


  • BEACH DAY: Which beach will it be this year? Somewhere we have been before? Somewhere new? Regardless of the location, this is always a highlight of our camp and there are plenty of alternative activities for those who don't want to go in the water. We usually do this during Week 1 and then again in Week 4 for those who missed out. We went to Brighton Beach!
  • FISHING DAY: We traditionally have a fishing day on the last day of camp out in one of the boroughs, but we are going to do one in Central Park this week as well!
  • CLASSIC EXPLORERS DAY: We take Central Park by storm, hitting all of our favorite locations to squeeze in as many of our all-time favorite and most popular games and activities as possible.
  • WILDCARD DAY: Each week of the camp features one of these fun days where no one, except Mike, knows what we are doing for the day. Explorers' staff members don't know, parents don't know and our Explorers don't know! We have had some incredible EDventures in the past and we will continue bringing the fun on these surprise days of camp. Among other things, we hiked the Brooklyn Bridge and explored many things, including the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory!
  • YANKEE STADIUM TOUR: We can hardly contain our excitement for this inside glimpse of the Stadium! This amazing tour includes visits to the Yankee Stadium Museum, dugout, clubhouse (when available), historic Monument Park and other highlights of this cathedral in the Bronx. We also typically spend part of the day in some of the new parks around the Stadium, such as Macombs Dam Park, where we can run the bases on the footprint of the original Yankee Stadium! This activity is scheduled for Friday, June 22.


  • FORAGING WITH THE "WILDMAN": We will learn about edible and medicinal wild vegetables, herbs, greens, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and mushrooms with NYC's favorite naturalist, "Wildman" Steve Brill. We will meet Mr. Brill in Brooklyn, as he takes us all throughout Prospect Park, which will be an amazing area for us to hike, learn...and eat! For more information about the "Wildman," click here. This activity is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26.
  • WILDCARD DAY: See above. It was rainy, so we set out to ride every single subway line. And we did it! Then we went high above the city for a tour of One World Trade.
  • CLASSIC EXPLORERS DAY, PART II: We'll be back in Central Park as we bring out even more all-time favorite games and activities. Oh yes, there are many more that we did not get to!
  • THE ANNUAL HIKE: We raised the bar last summer, setting a new camp record with a ridiculously awesome 10.79 miles! That edged the old mark of 10.26 from 2015. We have averaged about 9.2 miles over the last 6 years and we are scouting out some ideas for this summer. Everyone who has ever attended has completed the hike and if tradition serves, there will likely be ice cream at the end of it all! This activity is scheduled for Friday, June 29. We sacrified breaking the record to explore Pelham Bay Park, NYC's largest park. The final tally was 7.03 miles.


*** PLEASE NOTE: There will be no camp on Wednesday, July 4. ***

  • THE PROSPECT PARK ZOO: Along the Discovery Trail, one of many awesome exhibits, "...planted pathways wind through lush gardens, marshes and scrubland, where red pandas, otters, prairie dogs and kangaroos live. Young trailblazers can experience firsthand various types of animal habitats, locomotion and senses." - from the Prospect Park Zoo website. Did you know that the Red Panda is featured within the logo for Mozilla's web browser. The Red Panda's nickname? A "Fire Fox." If it rains, we can go to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and/or the Brooklyn Museum of Art.
  • SCOTT'S PIZZA TOUR: Scott Wiener is a pizza connoisseur who in ten years, has hosted 60,000 people on over 3,800 pizza tours around the area. We will be with him on a Private Pizza Walk in a yet-to-be-determined area, learning about pizza history and pizza infamy! Stops include three pizzerias, each of which specializes in a different stage of pizza's development, from a lowly Neapolitan street food to a celebrated American staple. We will spend time with the owners and pizzaioli (pizza makers) at our stops and he says there are always surprises along the way. For more information about Scott, click here. This activity is scheduled for Tuesday, July 3 and we are limited to a maximum of 21 participants.
  • EXPLORERS DAY, THE LOST CLASSICS: We will again take Central Park by storm, hitting all of our favorite locations, but this time, we'll be doing many of our "lost classics" - games and activities that everyone has loved over the years, but for whatever reason, have not made it into our after-school line-up for at least a year.
  • WILDCARD DAY: See above. Among other things, we sought out a colony of parrots living in Brooklyn!


  • BROOKLYN BOULDERS: One of the East Coast's largest rock climbing gyms, this awesome facility in Long Island City boasts 25,000 square feet of climbing surface. Our Explorers will be climbing the walls with excitement! All parents will have to submit a waiver beforehand, which we will send out upon registration. This activity is scheduled for Tuesday, July 10.
  • BEACH DAY: We normally do not have too many kids in Week 4 who were with us in Week 1 and those who are still with us usually don't mind a second trip. So we're going back! See above for details. This time, we went to Manhattan Beach!
  • CLASSIC EXPLORERS DAY, PART III: Yes, it's our last Central Park day as we bring out as many of our remaining all-time favorite games and activities as we can squeeze in. The question is, did we save the best for last?
  • WILDCARD DAY: Another amazing surprise? Can we do it again? The first surprise was Taro's Origami Studio, followed by a trip to Torah Animal World.
  • FISHING DAY: This has long been a camp tradition the last day of camp and this year, we may even trek to a new fishing spot somewhere throughout the city, so stay tuned!
    This activity is scheduled for Friday, July 13. We ended up fishing at the Van Cortlandt Park Lake.


  • WATER DAY: We typically try to find a cool place on one of the hotter days with a lot of sprinklers and spend part of that day splashing around and having fun. But rest assured, even if we don't schedule in a specific day for it, most days when we happen upon some sprinklers, we tend to take full advantage!
  • GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL TOUR: We may save this for a rainy day and if so, we will be taking an insider's tour of this incredible NYC landmark, which turned 100 in 2013. The tour focuses not only on the history and architectural highlights of the Terminal, but provides little-known secrets and anecdotes as well. Our Explorers will never see Grand Central with the same eyes again!
  • CRAZY RAIN DAY IDEA, 2018: We always want to be outside and root for no bad weather, but if we get a total washout one day this summer, watch out! Mike has something stirring in his brain that kids will be talking about for years.


  • The dates are June 18-22, June 25-29, July 2-6 and July 9-13 (we will not be in session on Wednesday, July 4). You do not have to enroll for all four weeks; we realize summer begins at different times for all of our Explorers. Need more time outdoors beyond July 13? Click here for more details about our Summer Mini-Camp, which will run from July 16-August 10.
  • The day camp will run from 8:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day.
  • Pick-up & drop off will be at the SE corner of Columbus Circle and Central Park West. Right across the street from the big globe.
  • The day camp is for boys and girls, ages 5-12.
  • All participants bring a packed lunch and water (unless otherwise notified on special days).
  • Most of the necessary travel is via subway. Not only is it better for the environment, it is also safer and faster, allowing us more time for what we are here for - the fun!
  • The cost for one full week of camp is $625. The price is $1,150 for anyone who signs up for two full weeks and for anyone enrolling for more than that, it will be $1,650 for three weeks and $2,100 for all four. If we are not full, daily drop-ins are available as well ($150/day). Please note that because July 4 falls on a Wednesday, that Week 3 of this camp will be just 4 days and the cost is $500. If this week is included with any other weeks of the camp, then the discounted rates will be $1,050 (for Week 3, plus one additional week) or $1,550 (for Week 3, plus two additional weeks). We do not accept credit cards; please make checks payable to Mohr's Explorers, LLC.
  • This is a small camp with limited enrollment and we are unable to provide any financial aid or sibling discounts.
  • All full-week participants will receive one Mohr's Explorers item (in the past, it has been a t-shirt, lunch tote, etc.) Multiple-week participants always get at least one bonus item!
  • Registration is currently open and will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. To pre-register, just e-mail Mike to save your spot. After that, please mail payment and a completed enrollment form (please click link below) to secure your child's enrollment. Registration is not official until the form and full payment are received. You may also e-mail a .pdf of the form, as long as the text is clear, and submit payment electronically. For more details, just ask when pre-registering. If you have already submitted a Mohr's Explorers enrollment form this school year for any other program, then you do not need to fill out another one.
enrollment form

If you have any questions, or if you wish to enroll your child, please contact Mike.

If it's easier, feel free to enroll using our new online registration page by clicking here

cancellation policy

Full refunds will be issued for cancellations prior to May 20. Through June 3, 75% will refunded. Fees are non-refundable after June 4, regardless of the reason for withdrawal. There are also no refunds or credits for absences or dismissal.


"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. When you have fun, you can do amazing things."