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"(Mohr's Explorers) is terrific and I constantly encourage students to try it. In the short run, kids have a good time. In the LONG run, kids are challenged to try new activities and skills. That "trying" is what makes them live better, more courageous lives. (The Mohr's Explorers') staff understands this philosophy. It is a pleasure to work with (Mike) and with them."

— Judith Deppe, former After-School Program Director, Ethical Culture

"Mike, I can't begin to describe what an impact Griffin's participating in your programs has had on our experience as a family in NYC. Birds, in particular, have a whole new role in our lives -- yesterday morning, we saw a Black-crowned Night-Heron in the duck pond at 103rd, and this morning Griffin and I pulled up the photo I keep on my phone of your bird hunt sheet and went through it, talking about all of the times we'd seen the different birds. So, thank you, and we're looking forward to fall!"

— Dr. Katie Conway, Mom of Griffin (Cathedral)

"Mike, I just want you to know that my son L O V E S his Thursday time with Mohr's Explorers. It's such a joy to meet him at the park to find him sweaty, winded and bubbling over with excitement. He has so much fun and gets so tuckered out (he sleeps really well on those nights). I have been searching far and wide for after-school opportunities that would get Jackson outside, to play hard and get nice and dirty -- no matter the weather. But programs that do this seemed virtually non-existent. We would do it EVERY DAY after school if that were an option. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Seriously. So thank you for developing this incredible program."

— Robin Rizzuto, Mom of Jackson (MSC)

"Danny has loved his two years of Mohr's Explorers after-school at P.S. 9 and the summer EDventure Camp. He has learned to figure out how to get anywhere in Central Park from any given starting point, hiked 9.3 miles, seen raccoons, Cooper's Hawks, Red-tailed Hawks and countless other birds, "found" the outlet stream for Turtle Pond, climbed rocks and played in mud, learned to decode the numbers on the lights in Central Park...and had hours upon hours of outdoor fun. Thanks for all of it."

— Kate Elliott, Mom of Danny (P.S. 9)

"Hi Mike, I just wanted to say how great it was to come home and hear about all the birds Aline saw today in the park. She was telling me the species names and their coloring. It made me feel a little better about raising kids in the urban jungle, so thank you. Very special!"

— Natalie Boelman, Mom of Aline (P.S. 333)

"Dear Mike and Team, My daughter LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Mohr's Explorers! It is her favorite part of the school week and she excitedly tells me about what she's done each week. This weekend she wants to take us to "the woods" where the program takes place. I never knew my 5-year-old girl would love the outdoors so much. Thanks!"

— Merritt Stewart, Mom of Lola (Cathedral)

"My two girls have been attending Mohr's Explorers after-school programs and overnight camping trips for three years. It is the single most consistent activity in their repertoire. They love the way the Mohr's leaders handle the group — with adequate freedom but with clear rules and guidelines. This allows them to be effusive about what they're doing while they feel safe. I trust the Mohr's leaders explicitly. Mike is a strict manager who sets clear expectations of his crew. My favorite part about Mohr's Explorers is how much my kids have learned about nature — specific facts and information about nature in Central Park, and how to care for and respect their natural surroundings. This program will have a longstanding influence on my children."

— Ilene Rosenthal, parent to Amelia & Cara (Ethical Culture)

"I like Mohr's because they take regular games like tag and dodgeball and turn them into more special things...It's just a lot of fun."

— Brent Romanow, Master Explorer (Columbia Grammar)

"You can tell that we've just loved Mohr's Explorers. We have two kids in the program with a third who can't wait to be old enough to participate.

Mohr's Explorers is a great option for parents who are frustrated that their kids can't just run out their backdoor and play with neighborhood kids in the backyard...My daughter now knows her way around Central Park better than I do! Mohr's Explorers has even taught her how to find her way if she gets turned around. My kids have had a ball making stick forts and playing childhood games we had almost forgotten.

Mohr's Explorers has done a great job instilling a sense of respect and appreciation for nature. Leave No Trace, which they teach, has now become the mantra when we take outdoor family outings. In addition, my daughter can easily identify different types of birds and just loves quietly sitting in the park to watch them.

Mike has done a great job of communicating with the kids what their responsibility is in this program. He firmly sets the rules and boundaries and has methods for enforcing these guidelines that allow the kids to learn and grow."

— Kathy Wilkey, parent to Helen, Blake & Grace
(Metropolitan Montessori first, then Geneva)

"Mohr's Explorers!!!"

— Conway Dobbs (Calhoun),
when asked what was his favorite thing about 2nd grade.

"Mohr's Explorers exposes your children to the world of nature, but most importantly for us city-dwellers, it takes the 'Urban' out of
raising your children in Manhattan."

— Suzanne Herz, parent to Julia (Dalton) & Nicholas (Rodeph Sholom)

"Mohr's Explorers is the ultimate 'backyard adventure.' The program allows kids to fully experience the wonder of Central Park. With its counselors, Mohr's Explorers takes full advantage of the park to inspire children's imaginations and foster their love for the outdoors...In short, they can be kids."

— Beth Berman, parent to Sam (P.S. 333)

"Dear Mike, I love Mohr's Explorers more than anything. I'm not kidding. Your old pal, Elinor."

— Holiday card from Elinor (Marymount), age 7

"As a naturalist, author and environmental educator myself, it's always a great pleasure to work with Mike Mohr and see what an excellent job he's doing to promote Earth literacy among kids. (We've worked together on occasion since 2004). His Explorers learn a huge amount about their natural environment, and how to interact with the Earth in a positive manner, hands-on. I often work with school classes that include kids who've participated in Mike's programs. Not only do they all speak very highly of his work, but it's obvious how at home they are not only learning about nature outdoors, but also how much they already know. This is one of the very best nature programs for kids I've ever encountered and I highly recommend it for anyone with kids who love nature, the outdoors or science.

Happy Foraging!"

— "Wildman" Steve Brill


"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. When you have fun, you can do amazing things."